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We’re your local Toronto house and condo cleaners
We are an independent, local house/condo cleaning company. We are committed to our customers and to being the best Toronto cleaning service.


Healthier Cleaning
At Maid2Help, we use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for cleaning and dusting. These cloths are a great environmentally friendly healthy alternative to cleaning with chemicals. 


1st Class Customer Service
We listen to your cleaning concerns & needs and promptly respond to them.

We custom clean your home
Whether you are concerned about allergies, or you prefer green home cleaning, Maid2Help offers house cleaning options that meet your needs.


Trust & Protection
We check employment references and conduct extensive background checks on our team members / maids before we hire them. We carry liability insurance to protect against breakage and/or theft.

Flexible Scheduling & No Contracts
There are no Service Contracts to sign. You may cancel your service at any time. 

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" provides an excellent reliable cleaning service. I have used Maid2Help on many occasions and will continue to do so. His staff are always professional, polite and efficient. Always a pleasure to have them.”


“I’ve been using your services for nearly a year now and am very happy with the friendly staff and their cleaning standard. They’re always cheerful despite all the stairs they have to cope with in my home.”

“We have been using Maid2Help for a number of years now, on a weekly basis. We are very happy with the friendly nature and professional attitude of their cleaners. Communication from him is also excellent. I would thoroughly recommend the services of”


I cannot fault the service we receive from the guys at Maid2Help. It is a first rate, professional Cleaning Company. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.”


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We're Your Local Professional House/Condo Cleaners in Toronto 

 Are you searching for professional cleaning services in Toronto, Ontario?

 You have just found the best solution: We are a local independent cleaning company, servicing homes and businesses throughout Ontario.

We have been activating on this market for several years and we are a leading cleaning company in the residential and office cleaning field, in this region. This is due to a combination of advanced technology, highly-trained and experienced personnel, excelent customer service and competitive prices.

With, you can always be sure that your home will be bright clean in no time and at convenient prices. We are certain that our services stand out among those of other cleaning companies in Toronto and surrounding areas.

From house & maid cleaning to office cleaning to move out cleaning, we do them all. Just ask.

A 200% Guaranteed House Cleaning:

If you’re not content with your cleaning, we will come out and re-clean. If you still don’t think we did a good enough job to recommend us to your friends, we’ll refund your money. Provides House Cleaning Services in Toronto

  There Are Not Enough Hours In The Day To Finish Our Cleaning Duties

Updated: 28th April 2020

Having a cleaning service or a maid service is becoming more and more common with today’s modern lifestyle choices.   

Where does all our time go?  We are pushed and pulled in so many different directions today, and often getting to the housework is getting to be a real stretch.   

Often times it’s not that we don’t want to fulfill our household duties it is a reality that we really cannot find the time to get it all done right.  And we can’t compromise and let things go either; a clean home is a priority too.  

We’ve got meetings, and children’s piano lessons, and soccer matches, and fund raisers, and on and on.  There are so few hours in the day that it seems we can’t even find time to read a book anymore, or just relax for an hour (remember that?).   

Our stress levels run high and we often get frustrated and coming home to a place that is a big mess adds to that stress, it’s depressing.    When it gets to this point something has just got to give.  Hiring a top notch cleaning service frees up your time (and you’ll come home from work to much cleaner home, even cleaner than if you did it yourself). 

Time is our most precious commodity, and we don’t get it back.  Wouldn’t you rather pay someone who is an expert to do the backbreaking work around your house?  Especially when it’s not expensive or out of our price range.  

When we’re too busy to do something and we have extra income (because we’re working so much often enough) it just makes sense to outsource tasks that we’re never going to have time to get to.    We know that once you get used to your free time and your clean home, you’ll be a regular customer of ours.  You’ll never know how you got on without us after a while; your life will change for the better.  Sure, everything won’t come up roses for you every day but at least the house will smell as fresh as a rose.  

Don’t Enjoy Housework?  Our Maid Services In Toronto Is Your Answer  

Some of us may just even detest doing housework.   We know there aren’t many people out there like that, right?…well, maybe just a few.  Housework and cleaning is tough on the body and it can be tedious, we know that many people just don’t want to do it.  Great, those folks are more suited to other types of work; leave the cleaning to us.  

Some of us just hate housework for whatever reason, we hate dusting or cleaning the bathtub or the toilet (surely nobody enjoys that task), maybe we’re not very good at it.  We don’t think that it’s clean enough.  We just don’t have the patience.  There are dozens of great reasons to hire a service for your cleaning.    We, the professionals, have the patience, and will clean every room in the house down to the tiniest details.  With every professional there comes a level of skill from repeating a task over and over, there are also tricks to the trade too.  When you have cleaned as many homes as our cleaning crews have you get awfully good at it.   

Our workers enjoy their work, they are paid well and they work hard.  Some people truly enjoy cleaning; there is a satisfaction that they get from looking at a dirty floor, setting to work and creating a positive change right before their eyes.  Not everyone enjoys sitting behind a desk or doing mental tasks all day.  So please, let us do your dirty work, it is our chosen profession.  

This is our profession and we take pride in the fact that we do an amazing job.  You will come home from work after your first appointment and be amazed at how clean your home can be with a professional cleaning.   If you don’t enjoy something and you can afford to pay someone to do it, it doesn’t take much brainpower to choose the wise path and chose a professional service.  There are many benefits and reasons to turn to the professionals, and business is booming for us.   

There is a huge trend in the marketplace and having a cleaning service is becoming commonplace, great for you and for us.   The fact is that our services are extremely affordable too and most households can afford to pay our team to come out twice per month.  You don’t have to have us come out that often, but it is very affordable, and you will quickly get used to having a much cleaner house.   

In fact, we have so many clients that have been with us for a long time, there is no way they’re going back to an untidy space or an aching back.  Give us a try, it’s very easy to place an order and you’ll be so glad that you did – we guarantee it.  

Need A Quick Cleaning Service or A Random Cleaning? – We’re On Our Way  

There could be other reasons that you need a cleaning service, sometimes guests are coming into town or you’re working extra hours for a month or two, maybe you own property and you need to get it ready for tenants, whatever the reason, if you cannot perform your cleaning duty and you like a tidy place you need to hire a service.  We are that service.  

Having a maid service is no longer for the wealthy, not at all; in fact, more people are discovering how affordable and freeing having a maid service really can be.  Even just gaining a few extras hours a week or a month can free you up to enjoy more of the activities and the people that you love.   Gone are the days when most women stayed home to cook and clean, surely back then it was economical and made sense for the housewife to spend the day vacuuming the rugs, cleaning the oven, sweeping the floors, and so on.   

But, today that’s all changed and many of us are out working an office job or a related career, we truly cannot handle all of the tasks that our daily life throws at us and keep a clean home at the same time.  We understand all that, which is why we started this business; we deliver affordable, safe, and prompt maid service for the Toronto area.  If you’re within thirty minutes of our centrally located business then you are within our area.  

Stress Today Is At An All Time High, So Lower Your Stress Levels With Our Service  

Most people today work a lot of hours and have stressful jobs, as well as a lot of other commitments.  It’s easier to justify calling a cleaning service than doing your housework yourself because there just aren’t enough hours in the day.   

Especially if we have children, at least half of your time is eaten up by the kids; the other half is eaten by your workload.  At the end of the day when you’re ready to get to bed, the housework isn’t even near done.  That’s nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about, it's what the modern world has created, too many demands and not enough hours in the day.   

If hiring a maid was extremely expensive we could see doing it yourself, but those days are long gone, we have come to the age of the affordable maid, and not a minute too soon either.  

Our Superior Cleaning Services In Toronto – We Screen Our Employees So You Don’t Have To Worry  

In our business trust is the most important thing.   Without trust there is nothing; now this is true in every business but it is very true in our business.   

When someone is in your home they are near your valuables and your private business, discretion and trust are our highest priorities.  This is the very cornerstone of our business and should be for every maid service out there (though we know often times it's not).  We would rather have management come out and clean your place than send our the wrong type of people, doing so is business suicide in our opinion.  

We realize that we are coming into your private space, and nobody needs unscrupulous people violating their space.  That will never happen with our service because we screen our employees the highest level.  Many people can clean your home to a satisfactory degree, but it takes a special person to work for us.   

We stake our reputation on our maids and workers every day, and we cannot afford to have even one marginal worker.  Our teams are friendly, quite, hard working and efficient.  They do their job right and they are not paying any attention to anything besides their work, because the faster and better they work the better they do.  

We take your privacy and security very seriously.  Our workers are of the highest quality or they won’t work with us, we’re in this business for the long term, so there are no cutting corners, especially when it comes to hiring our teams.  You can expect to see many of the same people in your home for years and years because we hire the right people, we treat them like gold and we want them to be happy and work for us for the long haul.  That is how a solid business is built.  

Coupons & Referrals  

In order to grow our business, we take the word of mouth advertising to a whole new level.  We want you to recommend us to your friends and families and we incentivize you to do so, call it an ethical bribe.  Of course, if you don’t think we’re the best don’t refer us at all (we think you will though).  

There is nothing better for us that a referral.  We know that people don’t give referrals lightly, but we strive to provide you with an extraordinary level of service every time so that you will give us referrals.  The added bonus for you is that when you do decide to referral someone, we appreciate you with a small token of our appreciation.  

Our Iron Clad Guarantee To You   

We have an iron clad guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your cleaning we will send our someone to come and clean your place again (at no cost). 

If you’re still not satisfied after the second cleaning we will give you a full refund.   How’s that for a guarantee?  Nobody wants to do a job twice, so you can rest assured that we are going to do it right the first time.  And nobody likes giving a full refund either; our guarantee is the best in the business.   

Why would anyone offer a guarantee like this?  Because we know that you’ll be amazed with the service.  We want to you try us so that you become one of our regular customers and because we know that even the most scrutinizing of customers will never ask for a refund.  Our cleaning crews are just too good.  

We Make It Easy To Pay For Our Service And Do Business With Us – Hire Our Cleaning Company Today  

There is nothing worse than finding a great business that has a lot of hassles, so we want to make your experience with us a breeze.  We have multiple ways for you to contact us, and we make it super simple to pay as well, no cash needed.  

You can have text alerts so you know exactly what’s going on, and when you place and order you create an account with us so that we can more easily contact and do business with you.  

There is certainly no obligation to have repeat cleanings, but we find that the overwhelming majority of our customers come back to us again and again.  As homes get dirty quickly, and they get used to coming home to such a clean place every day.  

Again, we realize that you’re busy and you don’t want to have to worry about your cleaning service, you want it simple and easy and done right the first time.    That’s our goal every single time and we know that if we do that we will have your business for years to come.   Our cleaning services in Toronto are professional and get the job done right the first time, every time.  Guaranteed.