I Aime Toronto

The Megacity Toronto is Canada’s largest city offering world class lifestyles and culture. The name Toronto means “meeting place” the translation from one of the tribes that settled there in the beginning. It’s hard to see it today but the city was once hunting grounds for Elk and Bears.

Today, Toronto is a mixture of all walks of life. The population of the city is almost three million people and is the birthplace of Actor Will Arnett. With the variety of races, such as; Chinese, Filipino, Indian, European, American and, of course, French you can find an abundance of cultural etiquette, taste and flavor.

Just ask Andrew Zimmerman from the Bizarre Foods Show on the Travel Channel said. The show talks about Horse Heart Salami, Seal Flipper Pie and other dishes. Whatever your taste buds are savoring you can satisfy your craving in Toronto. Have Crepes for breakfast or anytime really. Put the so delicious Maple Syrup all over them.

Try Beaver Tail, or head over to Little Italy and get your fill of Pasta. Award winning pasta manufacturer Primo is based in Toronto. Get your groove on with the beats of Toronto. Orchestra, Opera, Canadian Electronic and Hip Hop all make feet move here. The rock band Rush is from Toronto.

Watch teams play for the Stanley Cup, Toronto is the Hockey Capital. This alone draws in Tourists from all over North America. The city has top theatre’s, bars and nightlife. The Entertainment District is the party place for the celebrants. Dance drink and be happy with live entertainment and shows.

Find the best dressed and style in Toronto. Go shopping for anything desired. Fashion and accessories, gifts for you and friends, or a Toronto souvenir. Find T-shirts and many other things not found anywhere else, like the Hudson’s Bay Blankets. And one place you cannot miss is the CN Tower.

There is a ten thousand square foot gift shop in the building. Take the elevator to the top and view the city from the glass floor and sky terrace. No matter the reason for being in the city, a visit or living you won’t be disappointed or bored. Toronto is a beautiful city full of lifestyles and cultures.