10 Fun, Weird, and Interesting Facts About Cleaning Your House

February 16, 2020 by Maid2Help


10 facts

Nobody really loves to clean, but it sure is nice having a clean house once it’s done. How about some fun, interesting facts about cleaning to keep you entertained? You may not want to do it, but at least you can laugh while cleaning! Here are ten fun, weird, interesting facts about cleaning the house that just might teach you something as well.

• Sometimes it feels like you’ve been cleaning for hours! Guess what? You can burn two hundred calories if you clean for two hours!

• Okay, this is kind of gross, but did you know that about seventy percent of dust is actually flakes of dead skin? Knowing that might make you want to dust a little more often for sure.

• You may think the bathroom has the most germs, but it’s actually your kitchen sink!

• If you and your significant other are always arguing about who’s going to the dishes or vacuum, don’t feel bad. Nearly half of all couples argue about cleaning.

• The garbage disposal doesn’t get the munchies, but dropping a dozen ice cubes down the disposal once a month or so will help keep blades sharp and grease from remaining trapped.

• If you’ve noticed your vacuum has started getting kind of smelly, just place a couple drops of peppermint or citrus essential oil with isopropyl on the filters and in the canister.

• If you’ve ever wondered which country is the cleanest in the world, it’s actually Iceland.

• Even though women’s rights have really taken the world by storm, cleaning the house is still basically a woman’s job. Women clean twice as often as men.

• Here’s something you probably didn’t know: ketchup can be used to clean tarnished silver and copper! Use on your copper pots, silver candlesticks, and even on silver jewelry.

• We’ll end with a particularly gross one: toilet lids are not just for covering the commode. They are actually made to close before flushing to keep “commode plumes” from spraying into the air! When you think about how many times you (and the rest of your family) have flushed with the lid up, it really makes you wonder what’s in that kitchen sink of yours that makes it the germiest. YUCK!

So, you may not have laughed out loud, but you certainly chuckled a little bit. You probably said “EW” a few times, too. As long as you learned something you didn’t know before, our job is done here. Have fun cleaning!

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